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Kudos International Network Kudos International Network Kudos International Network

Welcome to Kudos International Network

Kudos International Network Conference 2015Kudos International Network Conference 2015

Kudos International Network is a recently formed accounting and auditing network. It was set up in November 2012 and is targetted at firms with a strong interest in audit quality and those with good ISQC 1 procedures in place across the firm.

We are pleased to have been admitted as full members of the Forum of Firms. Membership of the forum is only open to networks which have implemented a globally co-ordinated internal quality assurance review programme, are committed to the use of International Standards on Auditing and have met other specific ethical requirements.

Kudos was established by Michael Scott and Alun Morgan who are directors of PCP. PCP is a long-established leading international consultancy and publishing company. For more details on PCP and their services, please visit www.pcplimited.com.

As an existing network member, once you join, we will consult with you on any additional members in your country. We can also agree with members as to what the maximum number of firms will be in that country and the level of geographical exclusivity that they will be guaranteed.