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What are we looking for in a potential member of Kudos?

  • A firm that is committed to achieving a high standard of compliance with ISAs and IFRSs
  • A firm that is looking to improve and then maintain the quality of its audit work, and that understands that quality must underpin the profession
  • A strong leadership within the practice that understands that quality improvements leads to system improvements which in turn gives rise to profit improvement, as well as risk reduction
  • Firms that understand the increasing global nature of business, even at the SME level
  • Firms that understand the importance of investing in training staff

How to join Kudos?

Firms interested in joining Kudos should initially contact Margaret Scott (Margaret@Kudosinternationalnetwork.com / +44 (0) 151 625 7042) with the following information:

Name, Address, Country, Website address, History of Firm, Number of Partners/Structure, Staffing levels, Number of audits.

This information will be reviewed confidentially and the new firm’s application will either be rejected or be approved for further review.

The firm will be provided at this point with the terms and conditions of membership.

We will then undertake due diligence on the firm. We will initially request that a sample of work be sent electronically to us. An executive director will then travel to visit the new firm to undertake further due diligence work and to meet with the firm. Travel and accommodation expenses will be charged to the firm. The due diligence process will involve some examination of existing audit work to ensure that the firm is producing work to an appropriate level and understands any improvements that need to be made.

The due diligence process will have two possible outcomes:

  • An offer to join Kudos International Network as full members; or
  • No membership offer is deemed appropriate.

What is a Kudos member firm?

A Kudos member firm is one which has agreed to perform their audit work to meet a range of stringent quality control standards set by the directors of the network. These standards relate to the quality and range of their services as well as to other issues such as their size, location and branding. Member firms agree to apply global practices on quality assurance, and comply with the standards set by the International Audit and Assurance Standards Board (IAASB) and the International Ethical Standards Board for Accountants (IESBA).

Member firms agree to participate in the network’s annual internal inspection programme which is subject to a robust full internal quality assurance review at least every three years and reviews of individual assignments annually.