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Cyprus, April 2019

Members attended in force in Cyprus during April 2019 for our 7th Annual Conference. The Grand Resort in Limassol were our hosts enjoying beach views from all of the bedrooms. The members enjoyed an un-seasonally cooler April than expected but this turned out to be perfect for those who members who were not used to the hot climate. Members as far as Latin America were in attendance with some taking as many as three flights to reach the Island.

Highlights included the treasure hunt on the first afternoon where members were divided into competing teams to solve clues and be the first team to reach all the check points around Limassol Old Town. Dinner was held at the Forso Tavern Restaurant where members dined on the famous Greek Meze banquet which comprises of numerous courses.

The members were also updated on technical audit and accountancy matters along with a day of workshops with Ian Fletcher from 2020 Innovation on practice management.