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Member of the Forum of Firms

Why Join?

Benefits of Membership

  • An enhanced image and profile for the firm in local and international markets
  • Membership of the prestigious Forum of Firms
  • Access to and participation in an international audit quality control monitoring and inspection programme
  • Access to all of the services and training and quality control products provided by Kudos and its sister company PCP
  • Involvement in an emerging and ambitious network
  • The opportunity to generate new international business
  • Use of the Kudos brand
  • Access to global expertise in a wide range of services and business sectors
  • Ability to benchmark with other high quality, high achieving firms
  • Access to international conferences and the opportunity to network with similar minded firms globally
  • Availability of high quality audit and accounting technical advice and support
  • Collective commitment to the production of high quality audit work

Members will get the following as part of their membership:

  • Full unlimited access to all technical products of our sister company PCP including audit programmes, example audit file, disclosure checklists, ISQC 1 procedures and on line training videos.
  • A full and comprehensive on site review of the firm’s audit and other procedures once every 3 years.
  • One off site audit file review in each intervening year
  • Unlimited access to audit and accounting technical advice
  • Unlimited access to whole practice systems advice and assistance
  • Ability to access external marketing specialists if required
  • An annual conference for sharing of ideas and to discuss key topics in the profession

Read about how Michael Scott and Alun Morgan created Kudos in March 2014 international edition of Accounting and Business magazine.


Richard Morgan, Morgan Hemp Ltd

“We find membership an invaluable way of ensuring that our systems comply with best practice and gives us a way of demonstrating our commitment to quality”

Defa Aulia Fahran, KAP Sriyadi, Elly and Rekan

“Since we have joined Kudos, we have found that membership of an international network has led to attracting new work into the practice. Membership of Kudos has also enabled us to improve our internal system to match best practice”.

Chris Savvides, Savvides Ausit Limited

“We have worked hard over the last few years to improve the technical quality of the work we do, as well as the service we provide. We were pleased to have that quality recognised, by being invited in to being a founder member of Kudos International Network. We now find membership of the network invaluable for enhancing the reputation of our practice”.

Michael Curtin – Curtin O’Friel

“We joined Kudos to enhance the profile of our practice and to demonstrate our commitment to quality. We see our membership now as an essential part of the firm’s ongoing strategy”

To discuss further please email or call Margaret Scott

Margaret – margaret@kudosinternationalnetwork.com +44 (0) 151 625 7042